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CoCo Chanel Latte


A real Girlie Girl Diva-but a great protector.  She is independent and loves her space.  Sleeps on her back and enjoys her own bed but also likes to sleep with our son.  Insists on being pet and will nudge your hand to make sure you pet her.  She is quite the hunter so watch out Squirrels.  She likes to be on point if you but a hunting show on TV.  Keeps clean and pretty and loves her groomer.  She is a big love and very Smart human like.

Danville, CA 9/16/19

Charlie Doodle


Charlie is a big love bug.  He doesn't understand he is too big to be a lapdog.  Opens doors by the door handles and comes on in.  Loves to play and gives the best ever hugs.  He was featured in a local groomers ad hugging the groomer.  Sleeps on the end of my bed.  He is like gumby-you an do anything with him.  He sits up straight and gets a very wise look.  I think you even noticed that when he was a pup.  When our other doodle Maxamillion was blind and ill Charlie would give a bone to him first then take his own bone.  Loves other dogs, kids and play dates.

Danville, CA 9/16/19

CoCo & Charlie


Both dogs are always in the mix.  They are both intelligent and love to be around people.  Enjoy attention and have very different fur.  Coco is more silky and Charlie is more cotton like.

Renee Danville, CA




Bear will be 12 in December 2019.  He is still energetic, playful, loving and smart.  A beautiful boy who gives as much love as he gets.  Bed hog.

Michael W.

Scottsdale, AZ 9/17/19



This is a thank you letter that is about 12 years overdue.  Our family bought a puppy from you on March 15, 2005.  He was one of Flicker's puppies.  We have LOVED this dog!!  He was a birthday gift for my then 11 year old son who was lonely when his older siblings all left home.  Joey was his "therapy dog".  My son is now 22 and lives on the east coast so now Joey is my "therapy dog".  He is gentle, playful and been such a fun part of our family.

Cory M.

Salt Lake City, UT 3/15/17

Beau Henry


Beau Henry turned a year old yesterday.  He just got his hair cut today.  He weights 26 pounds and is a very special boy, extremely smart and easy to train.  Everyone that meets him loves him.  People say he makes them smile.


Arizona May 2019

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We remember our experience vividly. We simply asked for a boy or girl, no matter, our primary wish was for a good dog. Given our openness you would ensure that we had a good dog. Well….we have a great dog. 

Leo turns 16


Fast forward to today (10/16/2019) and Leo turned 16, had a bath, lots of love, Haley baked him a dog-friendly cake with frosty paws ice cream. Haley graduated college and is heading off to a career as a nurse. Every time she came home from college, guess who got hugged first? Leo, rightly so. 

Leo wakes all on Christmas Morning


 His health has been stellar and longevity, well that speaks for itself.  Although, due to his old age, he has cataracts and can’t hear very well, he is still full of life, has his spunky puppy moments every day when I get home and has been the best fur/hair covered friend and family member in my life; he is the embodiment of unconditional love with a wet nose…..and has been a loving and well-loved companion to each of us and all of our friends and family. 


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Kali & Baron


Baron was our first stud we raised and he was a sweet funny great guy who could fetch till the cows come home.  Thank you Kali and Baron for helping raise our kids.



Kali was the first Australian Labradoodle to come to us.  She was a chocolate standard that became a very important part of the family.  She helped raise 3 kids and many puppies she influenced over her 15 years.  This was a one of a kind dog that we loved dearly.