This page is all about our Therapy dog programs.

Dasha is our therapy dog in Puerto Rico.  See great article on Dasha 

Tank Tank lay down

Tank at Oregon Assistance Dogs

He is doing really well.
He is the easiest dog I have potty/crate trained so far!

I took some pics yesterday of him on some stairs.  He took to them really fast too.
I will post those today on face book.

Here is the link to our face book.!/pages/Newberg-OR/Oregon-Assistance-Dogs/122739621086103?ref=ts&ajaxpipe=1&__a=7

I will e-mail links to you of his new pictures as I get them posted.  Feel free to re-post them on your site. 

Tank is a pleasure.  I have not lost nearly as much sleep as usual.  That means a lot to someone with Fibromyalgia.  He has slept in his crate from about 10pm to almost 6am before needing to potty.  That is really incredible.  The experience you gave them with the crates is invaluable to how we train them.

Thank you for all of your hard work.

-Heather M  7/2010



We support JDRF - Juvenile Diabetics Research Foundation International!  Auction was Sat April 24, 2010 Portland, OR- See event pictures above.  Jasper represented his puppy up for bid.  Jasper Junior daughter Elsa - now has a wonderful family!

Congrats Oct 2009- Brian and Chance make a beautiful team in Colorado. First Mini Service dog.

Created by Pam Mann

Congrats Reiley & Connie on 1st Birthday as a Service Dog Team UTUBE

Welcome Linda and Chip.  Chip is a very successful Labradoodle service dog working in Tulsa.  We look forward to meeting them this summer and helping them find Chip's future replacement and little buddy.  7/09

SEE BELOW:  DOB: Easter 2007:  Service Dog Onyx - Erik working with Paws to Freedom Assistance Dog Team Training (Portland, OR)


See Above to left New Onyx Photo, Then Cooper Onyx's Dad and two more puppy pics of Service Dog Onyx.  Training now in Portland.

  See to the Left and Below an update on Barkley's progress!!!!!!!

BIG HUGS FOR Barkley who is in Bellingham and has become a SERVICE DOG - see - check back for more info on their work

We not only donate pups to therapy programs but also to raise money or children or people in need.

  Washington State:  one pup being placed for a specific home therapy dog.  Andy is just the dog!  More info to come.  see below


Gizmo teaches Andy on the right  how to be a service dog.  Step 1: look really cute, works every time. Step 2:  Fit in in Bunko.

Fall 2004:

Life Pearls:  Finding the gifts in life's challenges.  Elizabeth B. Tyler with a Masters in Counseling Psychology specializes in helping the terminally ill enhance meaning, purpose and peace in their life experiences.  She will have a book out soon.  More info to come.  Lake Oswego, Oregon

Spring 2003:

West Side Counseling & Play Therapy in Glendale, AZ:  Specialize in Physical & Mental Disabilities.  Rev. Sherry Lyford, M.Th.  See puppy below.  Nicknamed "Dirt Boy", he is going to be an awesome service dog and partner for Sherry in her therapy program.  We met Sherry in Oregon in May and she is a wonderful lady.  More pics to come once pup is back in Arizona.  Providing service dogs is the best part about breeding doodles.

 2003 Baxter goes to Arizona