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   18 Year Anniversary - Lets see what they are doing now 

Suki Mini

How do we describe our 11 year old Mini Labradoodle?: Athleticism, fetching, running and swimming.
We love her dark chocolate color. She is an amazing companion.
She has a beautiful fleece coat. Soft not frizzy or tight poodle curly
Brown eyes and nose. She also has a calm nature.

We are looking forward to our 2nd doodle!

Marilyn A. Family 12/18 (Eugene, OR)

Bodhi&Friend Bodhi & Jeff

Bodhi is the best dog ever but more importantly he is the love of our lives. Thank you so much for introducing us to this awesome breed and making our dream come true to owning/having one in our family. You have changed our lives for the better.

Jeff & Marge H. 12/08 (Seattle, WA)


Congrats to Lee Family and their new Pups June 2018. Adorable.

Sabre BeachSabre FaceSabre and paisley

Hi again. I thought I’d thrown another of Sabre on the beach as well as a couple of Sabre and his love interest Paisley. Paileys is a local doodle female. They are inseparable, and her family is nice, too. I’m sorry puppies aren’t in their future.


Let us know when more pups come around. We may want to give Sabre a little brother or sister.

Carl H (12/2017) See More Below

BindiBindi Side

UPDATE: Congrats Carl on your new baby- BINDI (6/2018) See Above

Dudley 1Dudley

Just wanted to send you a couple current photos of our Dudley 

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to send you a couple current photos of our Dudley ?  (I think you called him Buddy).  

His daddy was Jasper, mom was Meisha.  He was from your litter born on Dec, 1, 2011.

He is now 6 and is the sweetest gentlest boy I've ever known!  He and his brother Oliver (a bischon/poodle rescue, age 7) come to the office with us every day and are wonderful therapy dogs.

Hope you are well and that you’ll like the picture.

Maybe sometime later on this year we’ll be ready for another puppy.  I’ll be in touch.

Also… Richard R's doodle, Sam, out of Kali is about 10 now.  He may also be looking this year.

Thanks for the great job you do as midwife to our babies and picking the perfect relaxed temperaments!

Love to you and Happy 2018 to you and the canines! 

Be well,

Nance (Jan 2018)




Hi Sheila,
This is a thank you letter that is about 12 years overdue. Our family bought a puppy from you born on March 15, 2005. He was one of Flicker's puppies. We have LOVED this dog!! He was a birthday gift for my then 11 year old son who was lonely when his older siblings all left home, kind of his "therapy dog." That son is now 22 and lives on the east coast so Joey is my "therapy dog" when I am sad and lonely. He is sweet, gentle, playful and has been such a fun part of our family. We are kind of sad to see him slow down now. I just wanted to let you know how much we have loved him.
Cory M (3/2017)