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   16 Year Anniversary - Lets see what they are doing now 

This is a thank you letter that is about 12 years overdue. Our family bought a puppy from you born on March 15, 2005. He was one of Flicker's puppies. We have LOVED this dog!! He was a birthday gift for my then 11 year old son who was lonely when his older siblings all left home, kind of his "therapy dog." That son is now 22 and lives on the east coast so Joey is my "therapy dog" when I am sad and lonely. He is sweet, gentle, playful and has been such a fun part of our family. We are kind of sad to see him slow down now. I just wanted to let you know how much we have love him.
Cory M (3/15/17)

Dakota at Christmas Dakota with Tie

Above is Dakota a very loved sweet family member of our customers who are from Utah..Dakota was born at the end of 2011. She is a standard and lives in Utah. David and Lori G. 03/2017


Bear is a wonderful dog in all regards - smart, playful, loves other dogs and is great with little kids. I've attached a recent pic.




Hi, Sheila--Katie Gale, here. We are loving Max (I actually can't remember his name before. . . he was a dog being trained for therapy. Looked like a lion when we got him. About 3 months old?) Anyway, he's awesome (duh). I need to send you an updated pic if you want to use it on your website. :)

Y'all are so great, and we've loved Max (and Bonnie, too!).

Bailee boltonBailee Hat Bolton

Hi Sheila,

Hope things are going well. Bailee just turned 4 on Dec. 1rst. I can’t believe that he’s 4 already. He’s doing great and we just can’t get enough of him. He is such a wonderful dog or should I say human..LOL. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Donna B 12/16/15 Boston, MA

Zorro in election Zorro at winery Christmas Zorro

Looking forward to another addition to our family.

Attached are a couple pics of Zorro as my campaign manager a couple of years ago. The white t-shirt he was wearing makes him look like a black hairy mass in the pictures.

Also, I attached a couple of Zorro dressed up for Christmas and one vineyard shot about 1/2 mile from our house in Dundee.

Ted 3/10/14

Just wanted you to see a couple of new photos of our handsome boy, who just
celebrated his third birthday!!
He is the smartest guy ever and loves to swim, hunt lizards and crabs!
I couldn't love him any more!!!! He is our precious boy!

Denise 4/2013
US Army

Just want you to know, on his 5th birthday (today) Bear is doing great. Hope all his family is well.
Mike 12/15/12

Here is Bunny from Holland. She is having a really fun time with her family and loves to play catch.

Pieter 1/1/2013

I just wanted to say Dudley says Happy Thanksgiving to you and Meisha and Jasper. Also, Steph, Bailey, and Oliver and I say Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Thank you so much for being in our lives and giving us Dudley! He is so happy and so funny and clearly the SWEETEST dog I have ever known! He has Watson's playfulness and gentleness and his own MEGA-sweetness! We love him so very very much and so do all our clients!
Nance California 11/2012

Darby (upper left) is a clown, goofy, loves everyone he meets at the dog parks, out walking, wherever. Not a shy bone in his body. He grew up sitting on benches at the two dog parks we frequent,
and seems to prefer watching the world pass by more than running around chasing other dogs. He will arrive at the park with one huge burst of energy - run the perimeter, and plop down under a tree - content to stay till time to leave. He is quite deliberate about leaving - sometimes playing keep away - stopping to pee on this tree and that, ambling at his own pace, or ignoring me completely.

MaeRose's (upper right)personality is quite different. She is not as much of an in-your-face-here-I-am type. But, she loves to be petted, by anyone, anywhere. Once someone starts patting her, MaeRose will
stand quietly drinking in every minute of the affection. If the person patting stops, MaeRose will nudge, or paw for "more please." She loves playing with little white dogs - used to be best buddies with a Jack Russell - they would nibble and roll for as long as 30 minutes nonstop - both ending with sloppy heads. Whenever she can, MaeRose will find a small dog to follow around, play with, I am sure she would have loved being a mother. She is (being a typical female) smarter than Darby. She figured out how to play a game which everyone loves to see. Put a treat in one fist, hold out both fists fingers down, say "which hand" and
let the dog pat the hand to get the treat. If the first fist is empty, MaeRose will pat the other fist. Darby watched this a few times, and learned, too.

Dorothy 10/2012

God we love Pasco. She is the greatest thing ever. Super sweet & fun. Free run of the house day and night with doggie door. No accidents or chewed up anything. I love her so much. Thank you!

Keith B 9/1/2011

Sawyer came to live with us in Bend 4 years ago. He had been slated to go to Canada, but that order was cancelled. We became the lucky owners of this wonderful dog. He has become the hit of the town. He was named “Top Dog” when the local off-leash dog parks opened and has also been adopted by Umpqua Bank as a “preferred customer.” His photo is on the wall in most bank branches. He’s worked as a therapy dog and spreads joy to many. Sawyer is the best friend that we could ever have. He loves to hike in the nearby wilderness and goes bananas romping in the snow. This place is a Labradoodle heaven – and our house is heaven with Sawyer as a part of the family.
Carl, Lori, and Kjersten H.........and, of course, Sawyer!

Bunny above lives in Holland and is a wonderful playful puppy. She loves the beach and playing with her dog friends expecially Diesel. Likes to go into the water but prefers to touch the bottom.

12/25/11 Emmen family

Above is Max who now lives in Arizona. He is a silly enthusiatic guy that is always out to find a good time or chase his ball. Max loves his kids and can wrestle with the best of them. He is a great dog and people stop us on the street daily to ask about him. He really looks like a Jasper clone. Best dog I have ever owned!

12/31/11 Anna, Alek and Family


It's Katie from Arizona! We moved since we last talked--to New Jersey! I just had to write you--we get SO MANY compliments on Bonnie (was originally Crystal b/c of her pretty green eyes). It's embarrassing. She continues to be the best dog we've ever had--so good with our 15 month old, so great with us and multi-day cross country move. She is such a part of our family--Jacob just commented the other day "I can't even remember a time without Bonnie!" She loves the leaves and she did well in the Halloween snow (OMG). I cannot thank you enough. She is the best.

Much love-
G Family now in New Jersey 11/12/11


Bunny above having adventures in Europe.  8/30/11


See link above:  Neeko has been incredible from day one.  I still remember picking him up at Newark Airport in the cargo area.  He curled up on my lap in the car driving home.  Since that day he has been a lovable part of the family.  He is incredibly smart, affectionate and athletic.  He looks you in the eye and responds with human-like instincts.  Neeko is incredibly well trained and polite.  This past year we added Georgie, a female Toy Poodle to the family.  The two have formed an incredible bond.  They sleep, eat and play together-- and I mean non-stop-playing.  The little poodle is a tough grappler who keeps Neeko on his toes.  They are both very athletic and happy.  

Steve R. 6/29/2011

Above is Bentley with Santa Christmas 2010

I just wanted to say hi to you and tell you how much we love our dog.   He was Vespa to you (8 months old today), but he is Melbourne (Mel) to us.     He is just the best dog ever and thank you so much.  I've attached a picture of Mel and my girls.   They adore him.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and happy new year!!! 

Love Donna S. 12/2010

She is very calm, intelligent, loyal and good with other animals and kids. We hike an hour every day and she loves to play fetch. She clearly is the best dog I have ever owned. She is also very protective of our house and sailboat in the Caribbean. She has sailed with us from Florida all the way to Grenada. Every vet in the islands knows her and thinks she is great. 

Jim  11/8/2010                                


Kekoa (Brave One) is on island now and seems very happy. He stays at his mom's feet most of the time and has decided that his job is to rid the island of birds. He had no interest in the birds in N.M. but they run around on the ground here. The lizards and geckoes are not quite as interesting as the birds but he still wants to know what they are doing.

He decided that he does not like to drink ocean water but is still very interested in why the water chases him and his feet sink in the sand.

Michael N. & Family Marshall Islands 8/31/10

From Breeder:  Kekoa is living my dream. 

Here is picture of Elsa. These were taken today at 15 weeks old. Elsa, is a happy and easy going dog. She both likes to play and have a good time, as well as lay by our feet and wait patiently while we take care of our baby. She plays and chills with our 10 year old boys. She's house trained already so we can relax a bit now. 

Elsa is clearly intelligent and she likes to prove it sometimes. She's gotten used to us and our family and seems genuinely happy. She snoozes throughout the day, but has a few times a day where it's clear that she needs her energy burned up. Today, I went out to water the garden and she went nuts over the water from the hose and got herself good and dirty. These pictures are of her post bath. I blow dried her into a puff ball and you can barely see her eyes. She enjoys the bath mostly and is still napping as we speak. She's a super dog and amazingly soft. We're so happy to have brought her into our lives. Thought you might like this for your website.  

Zo H. and Family 7/2010


Tank Service Dog with Oregon Assistance Dogs

He is doing really well.
He is the easiest dog I have potty/crate trained so far!

I took some pics yesterday of him on some stairs.  He took to them really fast too.
I will post those today on face book.

Here is the link to our face book.

I will e-mail links to you of his new pictures as I get them posted.  Feel free to re-post them on your site. 

Tank is a pleasure.  I have not lost nearly as much sleep as usual.  That means a lot to someone with Fibromyalgia.  He has slept in his crate from about 10pm to almost 6am before needing to potty.  That is really incredible.  The experience you gave them with the crates is invaluable to how we train them.

Thank you for all of your hard work.

-Heather M 7/2010

Thank you again for the most amazing puppy!  We love her already and will send pictures when we get a chance to catch our breath.  The kids named her Maisy, which is a character in a book they love.  We were relieved to get their vote changed off of "Baby Spiderman Dog."  :) 

Everything has been smooth and fun.  After leaving your house we zoomed over to Portland.  My friend Amy has two *large* rescue dogs that are very sweet but full of energy and not very responsive.  We secured the biggest one in her room and kept the other on a leash until we figured out that Maisy really couldn't be more mellow about it all.  It was great!  Everyone played for a few hours and then she slept all the way home to Port Orchard.  Cameron had his shoulder surgery yesterday so a friend with a large-ish boxer puppy babysat for us.  He said Duke was a bit jealous that Maisy was napping with his human until Maisy hopped off the couch, laid on top of Duke, and went back to sleep.  So cute!!  Especially considering how young she is and that this is the first time she was away from her family, she is amazingly adaptable.  All your love and care shows.

Tamara  O Seattle, WA June, 8, 2010 

Edie and Jambi love to kayak.. well Jambi is learning to enjoy it. Portland, Oregon 4/10


Pablo is about 30 pounds, and has a huge personality - rambunctious but loving and obedient. He adores playing fetch in the park, and has this great stride punctuated by vertical bunny hops which make people stop and stare. Must be some kangaroo in him. He has not met a fluffy toy that he cannot rip apart in 10 seconds but is equally content to chew one of his nylabone collection, using his paws to hold and reposition it for better traction! We took him on vacation with us last year and he loved the sea and the pool - we can't wait to do it again

3/2010 California


Above is Emmi enjoying the snow in Germany! 01/2010


I made this collage for my sonís show and tell. He wanted to bring Kelso inside, but I told him it would be too distracting for the class! I thought you might appreciate seeing how well heís with his new family.

Kelso has been to Denver twice to visit my family and San Diego (he loved splashing in the waves!). Unfortunately heís finally outgrown the carrier that fits under the airplane seat, so his traveling days are over unless we determine he can fly in the airplane belly without undue stress. Heís so clever and eager to please and heís is such a lovebug. I canít tell you how deeply our family has fallen for this guy!

I am regularly stopped on the street by passersby asking what breed of dog he is and I have been told by dozens of people that he is the cutest dog they have ever seen. Total strangers ask if they can take photos of him! I am serious when I say that I would hand out your business cards if you sent me some. I canít thank you enough for choosing this puppy for us! 

Merry Christmas to you and your family 

Melissa H Dec 15, 2009


Bailey figures out the best way to exercise in Holland. Happy Birthday Bailey! 1/14/2010


Shylo likes it very much in the snow. It's a pleasure to have such a nice dog. when I'm walking down the street everyone looks at her and they want to know what a labradoodle is. They like the colour of her coat and her coat is very soft. She is very sweet and easy to train. This was the best thing we have ever done. She gives us so much joy and happiness. The kids want to take her even on holiday they can't miss her for two weeks. So our holidays will be different then the other years but we look forward to take shylo with us.

greetings Helene and Shylo 01/2010 (In Holland)


Emmi goes to Germany! October 2009 (above)


Krosby's new trick.  She taught him to sit down and from a sitting position give her a  " High Ten ", and he does it so beautifully and I took a few snaps of her doing it with him and then her congratulating him.  He is so smart and here he is in all his glory doing a HIGH TEN ! 2009


Couldn't remember if I sent you these or not...........but a couple of pics of our favorite guy around here, Krosby, at his Graduation from Petsmart.  He graduated the top of his class and had fun while doing it.  We just left him for 2 weeks while we were up in Canada and we missed him so much.  Everyday we would look at each other and say, " I wonder how Krosby is " ?  He really is a member of our family now and we love him to bits.   Great Dog, and even better friend for us all !  Hope you are all well.

The T Family 8/6/09


Thank you both for such a wonderful, easy experience! "Crystal" is home and safe and happy--and the boys were shocked speechless. So funny! Thought I'd send you a few pictures so you'd know all was well.

Katie and Steve G. Arizona 8/3/09


Cosmo (Mo) is great! He loves hiking, running around, or just hanging out. he thinks his best friend is Benson, (who is almost 6 and is still the best dog in the world) and follows him everywhere. We have been in utah with our cousins, and the pictures are of the dogs here with us. We love our labradoodles and we'll send more pics soon! Thanks!

Ali K Family 7-2009 Arizona

I thought it was time that I updated you on Gracie....she is the love of Kyle's life. I've never seen anything like it...we love her to death. She does like to run around the neighborhood but she is very well known in our neighborhood, so she always seems to be escorted home. I attached a recent picture :)

Heather 4/14/09



Krosby he is the best dog ever Sheila and we love him to bits.  Today is the first day we had rain since he arrived and he's too funny as he runs in it and then shakes his head and body cause he's wet.  He dug his first hole in our backyard today also, URGH !  Oh well, it is what it is eh, he is part LAB and that's what LABS do for fun. I have to tell u he is very smart and learning the rules of the house and potty training so quickly, he wants to please in everyway and loves his treats when he does good.  He walks around our neighborhood everyday, twice and is on first name basis with all the neighbors and they all agree he's the CUTEST DOG now in the neighborhood, perhaps even in Arizona, well okay maybe I'm just a bit biast, can ya blame me.


I will send more pics as I take them.  I have my new computer now and it's working well and I have all my pics on it and it's all working just great.  I hope u enjoy them and I hope u and the family are doing well !


Thanks again for the BEST PUPPY EVER !  We sure do love him !


Caroline T 4/11/09 Scottsdale, AZ


Hi Sheila! Cosmo is still doing great!! We love him so much!! He's SUPER friendly and curious, always following us around and always willing to play. he really enjoys roughhousing with Benson. Enjoy the pics! We will send more in a few weeks!

Thanks! The Ali K & Fam 3/3009 Scottsdale, AZ


Maiya has grown so much in the past month, she is 15# and 16 inches tall!  Her best friend is Max the cat as well as her human buddy, Elena.  She has been very easy to housetrain and has become very socialized to other four legged creatures as well as the two legged kind.  We take her everywhere and people just "ooh and aah" over her beauty and friendliness.  I have attached some pics for you and on the doodleworld website you can view a very cute video of her and max wrestling.
Thanks for a wonderful  puppy,  We are thinking about a playmate for Maiya in the near future. Hope all is well with you and your new litter.

Doodle hugs,
Heike, Maiya and the gang.

We purchased a puppy from you several years ago.  If I remember correctly, you called him Scooby Doo and we named him Tony (perhaps Anthony, but we call him Tony).  I have to tell you Tony is clearly the best dog I have ever owned.  We could not be happier with him.  I had just returned from a deployment to Kuwait and Iraq and was having a little difficulty adjusting to coming back home.  Tony really helped me adjust and has become my best friend.  He is actually loved by the whole family and all my kidsí friends.  I swear he is like a Big Frat Boy, always looking for the party.  Anyway, we are considering getting another pup and I see that Kali will be having pups soon.  If so, that might help influence our decision process.  We were thinking of getting a female (fixed like Tony) to add to our family and help keep Tony company during the day.  

Brad F 12/16/08 Washington

Somewhat belatedly, here are some photos of Tux and TJ !  We still love our doodles and regularly tell people to check out your website and your puppies. Tux remains "Mr. Mellow" and TJ has brought much joy to my mother-in-law.  Our son, Evan, has gone off to college in Minnesota (Carleton College) and he and I drove there in September with both dogs. So now they've been to college!                                                                                      It'll be fun to see if the Obama family chooses a labradoodle! Robin  11/16/08


Kukui just turned 5 last week (as you know) and we can't believe how fast the time has gone by.  We have a son, Brady who is 2.5 and are expecting a baby girl (Kali) in January.  Attached are some pictures from the past year.  There is an awesome picture of Brady and Kukui I want to send, but can't find it on my computer....so I will keep looking and send it to you.  But I included one of the two in the crib.  I will try to send updated pictures to you more often....definitely will for x-mas.

Lisa, Jason, Brady and Kukui G 10/2008


Onyx is wonderful lover of a dog, gives great hugs. He is sometimes mellow and sedate other times high jumping, high energy. Nearly every day I still get compliments on how beautiful he is, asking what breed he is, he's normal day to day walk is said to look like a show dogs prance.

We just got a cat, they groom each other and at eat out of the same bowl.

He's smart, it makes him hard to lure, he cant be fooled by something as pedestrian as food. He prefers tennis ball to treats. He learns sequences in training quickly.

Erik 10/15/08 Portland, OR


Congratulations on 7 years in business!

Attached is a photo of Sam (doodle), Richard  and Kevin in Long Beach, CA where we live. Our pup, whose parents are Kali & Baron, was born on May 14, 2004.

Sam is by far THE most wonderful puppy soul that we could have ever hoped for to come into our lives. The joy of being with him every day is truly a blessing.

Thanks again for bring Sam into our lives. Kevin S 10-12-08 Long Beach, CA


Our doodle pup is sure one heck of a character. As soon as he was part of our family, he fit right in. We have twin 10 year old boys, and we know buddy thinks he's the triplet, always playing and hanging out with the boys. Every morning buddy, or buttercup as we sometimes call him, gives us a mouthful of gibberish, like he thinks we understand what he's saying. He's always getting into mischief whether its playing tag with the boys or rummaging through the trash, which is one of his favorite things to do. No matter how much trouble he gets into, he always gives us a "Buddy" hug and as soon as you see those great, big, brown puppy eyes, you can't help to forgive him and love him back. Buddy is more than just our pup, he's one of the kids. :) attached is a picture of our pup!

Angela H. 10/10/08 San Mateo, CA

I can't believe we've had Chief for over a year now! He has turned out to be the most wonderful dog. We get compliments on how cute and well-behaved his is on pretty much a daily basis. Everyone in our neighborhood knows who he is and walks by our house to try to catch a glimpse of him.
We actually referred someone to you over the summer. My grandmother told him about Chief because he was thinking about getting a puppy. I sent him pictures of Chief and he decided to get a Labradoodle. He ended up buying a chocolate brown puppy.

Courtney G & Gant M in San Diego 10/10/08


Ruby from Pelei and Logan's first litter (born May 14, 2007).  She's 22 inches high, and weighs 40 pounds. Her eyes are light brown with green centers. Ruby is very sweet. She loves all people and most dogs, although she does occasionally meet a dog that she doesn't like for some reason. Then she usually barks at the dog. She has a group of around five dog buddies that she regularly plays with in the park across the street from our house. She loves to run and chase, but she does not like to be chased. She loves to fetch balls and sticks, and is very good at catching balls in the air.

She's gentle with children, fond of the mail carrier, and hates squirrels, which she still tries to chase at the advanced age of 16 months. Ruby can be a little fearful of new things, but she's also curious and brave, and she does like to quickly investigate something she comes upon that unnerves her.

I love Ruby to pieces, of course. As does everyone else who comes into contact with her. She's a great dog.

Gary S Portland, OR 10/5/08


Marley is doing great. He is getting bigger by the day and looks just like Kali his Mom. He and Max have a great time together but he is now bigger.  Come visit if you deliver any doodles to Jersey it will be like a reunion of when you brought Marley. Hope that happens so we can see you guys.

Here are a few pictures of Marley. Talk to you soon!

Ed & Alicia New Jersey 10/5/08


here is our favorite pics of benson (huey)! we love him!!!


the k family  10/1/08 Arizona


Here are a few pictures of our wonderful Ellie.  She is from Molly's litter of 2005. 

We love her so much!!! 

Chris S 9/30/08 OREGON


Er zijn 4 afbeeldingen naar u verzonden.  I. Kap Holland 10/1/08


We love our Maggie - best dog I've ever had in over 40 years of owning dogs, without question!  She is loving, obedient and wants to be with us all the time - every time we come home she greets us as if she's not seen us in years.   

Thought you might like a couple of pictures for your files/site.

Paul  9/29/08 CA


Our dogs are Rhasta (female) from your Kali-Macho litter of 1-31-06.  We received our male from the same litter 8 months later.  He was your re-home (Nikko)We named him Kona.  They are so much a part of our family and we love them beyond words.  Thanks for such awesome dogs!!!

Greg & Tammy and family in Phoenix 9/30/08


We have been so pleased with our Labradoodle, Cup of Joe, or Joey.  He was born 5-07 and weighs 44#, with a curly tail.  He has some white in his coat now which we call "latte."  He is a great runner, hunter, and watchdog.  People are always commenting on how elegant he looks.  Don't hesitate to use me as a reference. 

Arthur S, MD 9/30/08 OR

Penny is a dream!!!!  We have had an incredible time with her, from LA to Alaska!  She even lived on the Yukon river for a month with us this summer and ended up being a true hunting dog - I was panicked that she wouldn't eat her dog food and it turns out she was feasting on her own kill - 2000 calorie ground squirrels!  She also kept the bear out of camp.  She's wonderful and we love her.

 Jennifer V 9/25/08 CA


Luca has matured to be a wonderful, loving, intelligent and sweet dog. Just like his momma (Nikki) he too gives kisses and if you don't watch out he might catch you with your mouth open. (This is normal for doodles .. eeek but in a good way... LOL)

He loves all dogs and just wants to play. His second love is swimming, throw a tennis ball on land or water and there is no stopping him.

He is the ideal family dog and as soon as we figure out our permanent living situation he will need a playmate if I can convince my husband. I can't believe he is going to be 3 yrs old next month (Oct 23rd).

Keep breeding wonderful dogs! 

Rosalie L 9/25/08 NJ


Hi Sheila, it was great to hear from you! Liberty and Coco, down in Northern California are doing well. They are almost 3 1/2 years old. Time sure does fly. Attached are some photos of both dogs. Liberty has her special Fourth of July collar on (as we brought her home on the 4th of July, hence her name). I also have a picture of the two dogs together with my son Joshua, as they get to see each other quite often. Except for last year Coco had an adventure of living in London for the year. He is now back here in Greenbrae thank goodness as Libby really missed her brother a lot last year.  

Unfortunately, the only problem with black dogs is that they are soooo hard to photograph. Next time around we already know we want an apricot doodle. But how we love these dogs. They are truly amazing! So loving and smart! We will touch base when we are ready for puppies again. Not yet though. Enjoy. I still send everyone to you for a true Labradoodle!

You are the best. :) Lisa K. 9/25/08 CA

Molly is still awesome.  She is finishing puppy obedience class and will move on to intermediate next month.  She's very smart (no surprise). She is getting big (over 30 pounds now at 6 months) but still fits in our laps and gets cuter by the day.  Everyone who sees her comments that she is beautiful, cute and sweet. 

We will send some pictures soon.

 Joy L 9/25/08 OR

Hi Sheila...we purchased our doodle four years ago from you and named her Cheddar...here she is posing for her first portrait!! Yes, that is her smiling!!

We love her and she has the sweetest personality!!

Judy F 9/26/08 OR


Here are pictures of Big Joe Brown.  He was born 10/11/07.  We love him so much!  He has the sweetest personality, very loving and so smart!

Everyone who meets him loves him. 

 Debbie G 9/26/08 OR


Here are pictures of Denali and Fietje.  They are doing very, very well.  Fietje has much more Labradoodle, both in coat and temperament, although the trainer called him a "goof-off" because he likes to play even in training.  He's also a water dog - Denali will only go if encouraged.  They play well with each other and are still a joy!

My husband passed away suddenly last November, and the dogs kept me sane for the first few months. Denali grieved quite a bit for him, looking repeatedly in his office, being listless and having diarrhea for a while, but she has perked up in the last few months.

I continue to enjoy them both immensely and consider them a blessing.

Antje F 9/26/08 San Diego, CA


Attached are a couple of pics of Zorro.  (EDIT: Ted and Tammie are looking at a new baby Nikki x Story pup) 

Ted and Tammie OR


Here is our beautiful Kai - he was born January 30, 2006 and you know him as mini-Cooper. He is the BEST dog!! The first two photos were when he was still a puppy. He now weighs around 21 lbs (he's kind of a scrawny guy) but is ready for any adventure as long as he's with us. He's a great hiker and is a good citizen at the beach and walking around our local park where he meets his buddies each morning. He also loves a party. This past April we got a second labradoodle (Kali) and he's very happy having her to play with and has helped tremendously with her training. She thinks the world revolves around him.

He has not had his evaluation to be a therapy dog yet, but that is the plan for Kai when he gets a little older.

We love him a lot.

Heather and Joan 9/27/08 Seattle, WA


Sheila - So, good to hear from you!  So, Ruby Doodle turns 1 year on the 11th of next month...we are going to have a birthday party for her, with a doggy cake, gifts, and all...the kids are very excited.  She is big and beautiful, mellow, smart, and fun.  Her colors were beautiful....until...we realized that she was terribly matted and we took her to the groomers, only to learn that she had to be COMPLETELY shaved!  They took off all of her gorgeous dreads and curls...we were SOOOO SAD.   They told us that we should have been combing her daily since birth, because her new hair grew in through the same folicles as her original hair and it all tangled and matted (since she can't shed her original hair like normal dogs).  We were a bit frustrated, since we were told upon her purchase, that she didn't need to be regularly combed and groomed.  So, i guess we learned the hard way :(   Now we are combing her religiously, awaiting for her beautiful hair to grow back in :(    The only behavioral issues we have are that she likes to chew on the nozzles of our garden hose, and she jumps up on our small children.  We feel we can resolve those eventually though.  Otherwise she is very well behaved, and cracks us up everyday with her silly antics!  She likes to chase her tail, and when she catches it, she bites on it and then continues spinning in cirlcles with it in her mouth...so funny!  She also likes to sit on a mound in our yard when it rains, and get soaking wet...she looks like a drowned rat when she does that, but she still won't go sit in her dog house....i think she likes the rain on her face :)   Her favorite past-time is running through the sprinkler and playing in the kiddie pool with our 5 yr old daughter.  If she is not dripping wet at all times, then she is not happy :)  so funny!  She loves running on the beach, pulling our 10 yr old son on his skateboard, and rolling around with our cat.  Everyone who sees her falls in love with her instantly!  I will attach some pictures of her before (and tragically after) her hair shaving last month.  I may have to send pics in two emails though, as the files seem to be large for some reason.   

We have been considering getting her a play buddy...   

Hope all is well with you....Brooke and Ryan T 9/27/08 (Gearhart, Oregon)

I've attached pictures of my female dogs.  The brown standard (Joss) is from Kali and Barron's litter born Dec. 2004 and the black one (molly) is from your october 2005 litter.  They are the love of my life.  Our family is CRAZY for them.  They are perfect in every way and our lives are so full of happiness.  It's embarassing what good dogs they are.  Friends and family cannot believe us when we gush over how easy they were to train and how obedient and respectful they are.  I just love love this breed.  Maybe we got lucky? 

 gina r 9/27/08 LA, Cal


I have Harrison (Harry) who came from your Fall 2004 litter.  Harry and I are living in Olympia, WA now.  Harry has been an awesome dog, much beloved by my extended family and friends as well as of course by me. 

Melissa R 9/28/08 Seattle, Wa


Kara M and John G - Astro's parents 9/25/08 OR

So good to hear from you. Baxter is just the most wonderful dog! Mike and I trained him as a therapy dog when he was a year old. Mike takes him to nursing homes and hospitals and I take him to schools and libraries where the children read to him. He is such a mush that everyone loves him. Mike and I moved to an active retirement community right outside of Charlotte, NC. Following is an article that we wrote about Baxter that appeared in our community magazine.Regards,

Marcelle and Mike 9/30/08 Charlotte, NC



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