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I have had so much fun with our labradoodles.  They are easy to train, they don't leave hair all over the house and get along with the cats, horses and kids of all sizes.  Labradoodles make a wonderful family dog and it is our goal to place 1-4 labradoodle puppies every year into a service dog organizations.  We are very proud of our therapy dogs and all they do for people!  See labradoodle breed standards for measurements and weights for the different sizes.  You need to look at Mom and Dad to estimate the size of your particular labradoodle puppy.

These are the list of labradoodles we are currently breeding.

MEDIUM LABRADOODLES    Click highlighted word to get to our Medium breeding stock.

Labradoodle   Labradoodle wearing a handkerchief  Picture of a labradoodle

MINI/MICRO DOODLES:   Click highlighted word to get to our Mini breeding stock.

Dancing labradoodle puppy   labradoodle in a lapParis with Coat

STANDARDS:  Click highlighted word to get to our Standard breeding stock.

London with Scarf  the morning after -- labradoodle with glassesKali

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