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Oregon Labradoodles

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This Labradoodle described as

 Name   __________________________________

 Microchip No. _____________________ 

Sold to ___________________________________________________________________ 

is guaranteed to be in good health at time of sale and to have had all age-appropriate shots and wormings. Buyer has 10 days from date of delivery to have pup examined by his own vet at his own expense to verify this. Any pup found to be unhealthy, may be returned for breederís choice of refund or replacement. This is within the 10 days.

This dog is guaranteed free from genetic defects up to the age of 36 months. Defect must be shown to be genetic in origin. Breeder has the right to have dog re-examined by a vet of their own choice at their expense. In the case of hip displaysia, radiographic evidence and a statement from OVC or OFA must be produced to sellers. In case of dispute, OFA or OVC to judge X-Rays. When certificate stating the defect to be correct, breeder will replace with a dog of the same breed and sex when available. This will be a one-time only replacement and there will be no cash refund


Purchaser will contact breeder as soon as possible should any major health problems arise. 

Also if at any time purchaser canít keep the Labradoodle described above, I would like to have it returned to me. 


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