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Getting Ready for Pup 

If you are expecting a puppy soon it may be time to start thinking about what you will need to get for him or her.

Make sure puppy and any other stuff is paid in full at least 2 days prior to travel.  If you are picking your puppy up please bring a Money Order or Cashier's check.  Please let me know if you aren't sure what is still owing.

First you should arrange your puppies travel.  There are 3 choices for you:

Option 1- Puppy can fly to you via cargo on most major airlines.  Continental has recently been quoted to be one of the best with animals but I have used others and they were very good too.  Alaska has a nice pressurized area for puppies to stay warm in also.  If we can pair up another puppy going to the same state or city we will fly them together.  You will need to book the flight at least a week in advance (usually they will not let you more than 10 days before).  Flights are usually always open.  PDX only ships M-F not weekends.

Option 2-  Puppy can be picked-up by you by car or you can fly out to PDX-Portland Oregon's airport and fly back with your puppy in the plane.  Don't forget to let the airline know you will have a puppy carry on.  :) They have puppy carry-on bags available at most Bi-Marts and Pet Stores.  They are like a duffle bag with mesh on the sides.  I paid $19.99 for mine.  You would want to line it with the puppy potty pads just in case he/she can't hold it as long as you can.  We do reduce the amount of food and water intake prior to travel. Maybe a toy to chew too and or a stuffed toy to sleep with.  You will be right there to kiss and snuggle with pup, so it's a nice way to travel. Our puppy's have been beyond awesome to date in the airplanes.  Note: We can bring puppy to the airport or pick you up and bring you back to our house to see the other puppies and dogs.  Just let us know your schedule.

Option 3- Myself or a puppy helper can fly round trip out to you with your puppy.  This is nice for those who want puppy to get their fast and don't have the time to travel themselves.  We can use our own carry-on bags.  Let me know if you are interested in this method and I will see if this will work with our schedules.

Important stuff:

Dog Crate for Crate training.  You want a crate that will be the size of the dog at maturity.  They will love their crate cause it gives them a safe place to go and rest where no one can step on them.   The crate helps to potty train puppy too.  For example:  You want to take puppy outside after eating, playing and before bed and when they wake up.  It is extremely rare for them to go potty in their crate.  They will cry in there to ask to go out to use the potty.  I usually establish a place where they can go potty outside and I say "Go Potty" until they go, then "good puppy" and a treat (I actually make a big deal of them).  They learn fast if you are consistent.  I also keep puppy in a small place in the house to be able to supervise activities and tell when it's time to go outside.  

Treats and chew toys.  Treats for potty training and chew toys for puppy to play with.  These work much better then your shoes.  Actually when I have a new puppy around I will puppy proof the house and move stuff out of their reach just like a baby.  Then I will correct them by taking the shoe out of their mouth and giving them a chew toy (the goal is to not have your shoe in their mouth however-LOL)  As my dogs got a bit older they really started to want to play ball.  So beware!  They make great outfielders too.

Food.  We are feeding Nutro puppy Lamb/Rice Puppy Dry Dog Food **Now also adding Darwin's raw food diet out of Seattle WA.  I will give you a small bag to mix with the food you choose to buy.  I like to look for a healthy upper end food with good protein and no bi-products.  There are many good ones.  The BARF diet has been very popular too but I didn't have the time to prepare it and you need to make sure dog is using their teeth so the soft diets need supplements.

Brushes, nail clippers, grooming tools.  I don't brush my dogs out but many people like too.  Their are some grooming tools at the local Petco's that can help get out any possible matting.  Their nails should be clipped every 2 weeks or so and once a month I put a solution (EPI-OTIC solution from the Vet) in their ears to keep their ears clean.  I usually call a mobile groomer to come out once every 2-3 months to clip, brush, trim nails and pull hair in their ears.  I also trim them once in while to see their face if it gets long.  The grooming part is a personal decision depending on how long you want their hair.  My dogs hair is really very low maint.  The coat is usually even all over in length but shorter near eyes so we can see if they are looking at us.  :)

Don't forget to use Advantage/Frontline flea repellent once a month too (ask vet for any other suggestions).  The generic stuff at the grocery stores isn't nearly as good.  See Vet as to the age to begin the flea program.  Great for cats too.

VET.  If you don't have one yet, find a good vet to finish puppy's shots.  He/she will come with the first couple puppy shots and he/she will have been wormed, have a microchip and spayed or neutered.  You will need to seek advice from your vet and let them know when you are bringing puppy home and get on a shot program.  Most vets will tell you to be careful socializing your puppy until all the shots are finished.  Meaning just don't expose the pup to a ton of dogs you are not familiar with or popular dog parks.  They can be at risk for Parvo which is easily carried by about anything until they complete their shots.

PUPPY SCHOOL.  The best thing you can do for your relationship with your puppy would be to join a puppy obedience class.  They are a ton of fun and you will get to see how smart your pup is.  They teach you ways to communicate with your puppy and help get you over any troubles or questions you may have.  They also allow the puppies to socialize in a safe environment.  I love these classes!  They are usually once a week for 2 or 3 months.  You may or may not want to continue on to more advanced levels but at least take the puppy course.

DAYCARE.  You shouldn't leave puppy too long in the house alone.  See if a neighbor, friend or family member can take pup out or come spend some time daily with him/her.  There are also doggie day cares available.

TIPS:  First thing in the Am you want to take puppy out to go potty... I always say "go potty" and repeat till they do.. then make a huge deal of it (like they won the lottery)and give them a really special treat.. like small piece of cheese or hot dog.. just a little piece, and say "good puppy".

Puppy can eat 2-3 times a day and won't over eat cause he/she is growing. Doodles aren't known for being fat so just let them eat as much as they want.
Remember pup will probably need to go potty after meals.
Don't feed him/her for a couple hours before bed but do let him/her go potty before bed. No food before bed will help puppy hold it thru the night.
Remember don't give puppy complete run of the house. Keep him/her in a small area and let him/her graduate to larger.. This will help a lot with potty training and your sanity.

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