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About us:  We have been breeding Australian multi-generational puppies since 2001!


Our pups are raised with the above kids, toys and lot's of playing.  By the time you get one of our pups they have experienced kids, other dogs, cats and even horses.  We work with them on sleeping in a crate, fetching, learning to go potty in certain areas and exposing them to all kinds of new experiences.  We take them on little nature walks around the house which give them a sense of confidence and they get to play superman games and baseball with the kids.  The young puppy mind is so open and it's a perfect time to expose them to the world & new experiences so they can grow up to be the best possible service or family companion.  Since we breed for temperament you will get a puppy who is easy to train and a one of a kind.  Just ask around to other proud doodle owners & we will be happy to give you references of people with our pups. Pups don't sit in a row of dog kennels here at our home... Our dogs are raised as family members... we use a play pen for the puppies but they are in there as rarely as possible.  This is a family hobby we enjoy participating in.

I am a happily engaged single Mom with 3 great kids (2 boys 1 girl) and our dogs (see our dogs) but no more than 2 breeding dogs live with us.. the others are in host families & only visit when whelping or breeding) or when we dog sit.  We are now located in NW Vancouver, WA.  Vancouver is about 10 miles North of Portland, Oregon.  After losing an awesome dog Cami (a German Sheppard) in 1999, I began to research dog breeds to find an ideal dog for my family.  I wanted it all- Easy to train, happy personality, able to relax in the house, good with kids, no shedding, low maintenance coat and easy to train (very important).  It took me awhile but I found the dog - "The Australian Labradoodle" (not to be confused with the American 1st crosses also called Labradoodle or Goldendoodle).  This dog was not an easy dog to find at the time (Purchased in 2001) I was looking, but well worth the search and the wait (just short of a year).  I was so excited with my find I wanted to share it. I felt the West Coast could benefit from service dogs with a non-shed coat for people and family's with disabilities and allergies.  Karen of Canadoodles in Canada was donating puppies to service dog organizations and in Kali's litter (my first doodle pup) a male puppy was donated to Paws with a Cause.  We are actively donating dogs to US/Canada therapy and service organizations.  We only wish we could do more and are currently putting together a business model to provide dogs to families that are not eligible for service dogs but are still in need.  Each dog we sale enables us to give more. There is nothing better than being able to give back to our community.  It is no surprise these dogs make wonderful service dogs, as they are so friendly and quiet and intelligent.  Of course they were bred for service work originally and still currently.  The first allergy friendly service dog was bred in Australia in the 1970's.  Buying an Australian labradoodle is like being able to purchase a service dog as your family pet.  All our breeding dogs are multi-generational with Australian bloodlines.  All are bred for coat, health and temperament.  We also have a health guarantee please see that tab for more info.

Our dogs were on AM Northwest Channel 2 KATU on Monday July 7th also on KPTV in 2004 news. If you missed this airing of AM NW, you can click here to see a streaming video recording.  They were also in the News November 2004: KPTV Fox Channel 12 in Oregon, also a huge one page article on our local Lake Oswego/West Linn paper.  Dogs are real hams... puppies too.  :)  Sorry but been off the TV lately but hope to get more coverage in 2007 with our new service dog program.

The dogs and horses are my fun time!  Email me for more information: locpa@teleport.com


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