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Our Standard Doodles 

WAFFLE (Female)

WaffleWaffle CouchWaffle Face

Height: 24.5"
Weight: 50 lbs.
PennHip: Normal: PRA: Clear

SIRE: Jasper of Oregonlabradoodles DAM: Lexy of Rainbow Labradoodles; Color: Apricot.  Waffle is the product of two of our best breeding dogs. Both have amazing temperaments. Waffle's litter was our very highest scored litter of service dog to date. Her sisters are pictured on the home page at the top one is red and one a cream. They live in Bend Oregon and the owners are now on their 3rd doodle So they are fun to have as part of the family. Beautiful Spiral Fleece coat in Apricot. This young lady is the most laid back dog and extremely sweet. I highly recommend a puppy from her if you would like a Standard pup 50-75 pounds.

MEISHA (Female retired)


  Height: 22"
  Weight: 50 lbs.
  PennHip: Normal: PRA: Clear
  SIRE: Quigley Down Under (Canadoodles) DAM: Canadoodles Tassi's Kali
DOB: 1/12/2009; Color: Lavender.  Meisha is the only Standard daughter of Kali (our first breeding doodle) that we have saved for Breeding.  Beautiful Fleece coat in a  lavender color. Comes with all the traits to continue the therapy program. Meisha comes with perfect confirmation and works as a therapy dog currently.



  Height: 22"
  Weight: 50 lbs.
  PennHip: Normal
  SIRE: Rutlands Magnum DAM: Rutlands Evita
  Color: Lavender

  Rutlands KIA - Above - DOB 5/04/04.  Kia joined our program from Tegan Park in Australia in the summer of 2008.  Kia's brother Kelby is still producing     beautiful puppies at Rutland Manor in Australia.  Kia is a rare pigment color, lavender.  She was born chocolate and then slowly faded to lavender over 1-3 years.  Kia is an absolute dream dog who amazes everyone she meets.  She is frequently mistaken for a service dog because of her calm and confident demeanor.  Kia loves affection and will wait patiently by your side for her next hug.  Just be ready for her to gently hug you back.    

 LOGAN (Male) RETIRED                 


   Height: 23"
  Weight: 55 lbs.
  Hips: PennHip Normal
  PRA (prc'd): Clear 07-7322

  Sire: Dingo Aussie Doodle Dam: Rialto's Calypso Codi

  LOGAN-Above--DOB 5/15/05.  He is a White with pink nose and a wool/Fleece blend coat.  Papers and PennHip.  Logan lives with a host family in SW Portland - Rainbow labradoodles.  He just entered the breeding program in 2007 but we have had him since he was a puppy.  Very smart and beautiful guy.  More pictures to come. 

  His son Reily has been accepted into service training and is currently working with Paws For Freedom.  Check out our Therapy Doodle Page for Logan's son Reily continuous updates on training.

Jasper (male) RETIRED


  JASPER- DOB:  5/10/09.  Coat: Spiral-cashmere coat.  Very very soft and easy to maintain.  Standard Stud.  This guy is a comical happy guy. He is non alpha loves all dogs and animals except squirels. His coat and temperament produces the best puppies we have had in our history. Getting a Jasper pup is getting a family addition that can not be beat.  He is currently producing Medium and Standard pups.

  Height: 24.5"
  Weight: 65 lbs.
  CERF: Normal (April 2010)
  PennHip: Normal .50 & .51
  PRA (prc'd): Clear
  PARENTS: US Washington Titan A3 x Rutlands Abbey at Kali Cottage ALF6

KALI (retired)


  Kali- RETIRED - Above our 1st Labradoodle!  DOB 9/22/01.  She is a Chocolate Female at 24" tall and 75 pounds, with a wool coat, her Mom was bred at Tegan Park Labradoodles in Australia.  She is an A3 aka 6th generation Labradoodle out of Chester and Tassi (see them below)-- To view Kali's papers & Kali OFA click on blue print to view.  See Kali's tongue; much like Chesters (see him above in last 2 pictures) &  Kali is a very special dog and my best friend.  She sold me on the doodle breed. She has it all- size, temperament, trainability, confirmation, good sound working therapy dogs in her lines & she has produced over a dozen working currently in the US and 1 in Canada.  She is sweet with little kids and animals and all people.  Knows to respect the horses.  She is a dream on 4 feet.  You know those days when you think wow I wish I had a dog like that.  She is that dog her puppies have proven to be also!  This dog never fails to make me really proud.  Come see her to believe it! 

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